TomTom Historical Traffic Stats

TomTom Historical Traffic Data & Traffic Stats

Since 2008, TomTom has been collecting anonymous GPS-based measurements from our global community. Drawing upon this massive volume of information, we built a historical traffic database – unmatched in the industry – to analyze, predict and improve traffic flow.
TomTom Historical Traffic Data & Traffic Stats is a self-service web portal that provides insight into the traffic situation on the road network throughout the day. With just the simplest set of inputs, users can specify a customized query for a specific area or route, specific days and time periods in a particular date range of interest.

The results are then computed and a report is made available to view on the portal or to download using the API within just a few minutes. Even a complicated query containing a large area and a wide date range never takes longer than 24 hours to generate results. Access to the TomTom Historical Traffic Data & Traffic Stats portal is controlled by password and subscription, and is available from any internet-enabled computer, 24x7.
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