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  • Industrial grade
  • Connected solution
  • Powerful platform
  • Pre loaded apps
  • Made for drivers
  • Fully configurable
  • Truck routing
  • Premium features

Zawartość opakowania

Bridge Connected Truck

Car dock

Charging cable

Microphone kit


Lifetime Maps

Drive with the latest map at no extra cost for the lifetime of your device.

Lifetime TomTom Traffic

Drive with real-time traffic information for the lifetime of your device.

TomTom navigation

Enjoy TomTom's voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation.

Truck-Specific Routing

Get customised routes for your specific vehicle type, size, weight, cargo and speed.

Premium Features

Premium features include Near Field Communication, Camera, Flashlight and built-in 3G modem.

Industrial grade

TomTom Bridge has been tested in tough conditions and is ready to travel with you on the road, whatever the road is. Bridge can cope with high vibration patterns, has the E-Mark certification, works in extreme operating temperature (-20 / +60) and is shock proof.

Connectivity ready

TomTom Bridge is built with the latest technologies including Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB OTG.

Powerful platform

TomTom Bridge comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor to ensure all your business applications integrate seamlessly with navigation.

Preloaded apps

TomTom Bridge comes preloaded with Android Open Source Platform (AOSP) apps like email, calculator, webbrower, music player and more. In addition, Bridge includes a B2B demo app store offering 8 other business applications.

Fully configurable

Using our SDK, you can create your own TomTom Bridge software image which integrates your own business application, making sure you stay in control of what exactly what is on your devices.

Made for Drivers

TomTom Bridge offers flexible docking options, high precision GPS, 12 - 32v power supply and a 7 inch capacitive multi-touch display.

Dane techniczne

Rozmiar ekranu

7 cali (17,7 cm)


Głośnik o mocy 2 W


Wbudowany modem 3G

Pamięć wewnętrzna

1 GB pamięci RAM i 16 GB pamięci flash

Uchwyt do pojazdu

Stacja dokująca

Przeskocz do

Dane techniczne


Czas pracy baterii

Wymienna bateria



USB/ BT 4.0/ Wi-Fi


Uchwyt do pojazdu

Stacja dokująca


Pamięć wewnętrzna

1 GB pamięci RAM i 16 GB pamięci flash

Gniazdo SD

Gniazdo karty microSD


Rozmiar ekranu

7 cali (17,7 cm)

Typ ekranu

Ekran pojemnościowy



Głośnik o mocy 2 W
Map coverage and other details