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Get close to the mighty sea without getting wet. These stunning routes wind along the waterfront of the most iconic beaches and coastlines. From Australia's Great Ocean Road to the best of the French Riviera, these roads will take your breath away.

Best Coastal Roads in Europe

Delta Works route - Netherlands

Best coastal roads / 390 km

Explore the outstanding water management in the Netherlands

French Riviera - France

Best coastal roads / 268 km

Jetset en route!

Routes-des-caps - France

Best coastal roads / 104 km

Discover Normandy’s hidden gem

Rügen Island - Germany

Best coastal roads / 186 km

Discover Germany’s hidden treasure in the Baltic Sea

Cap de Formentor - Spain

Best coastal roads / 136 km

Explore the most vertiginous road of the Baleares

Estoril Ocean Drive - Portugal

Best coastal roads / 70 km

Explore Portugal’s diverse landscapes

Galicia - Spain

Best coastal roads / 619 km

Explore Spain’s hidden gem: Galicia

Surf safari - Portugal

Best coastal roads / 786 km

Ride some of Europe’s best waves in Portugal

Amalfi Coast - Italy

Best coastal roads / 58 km

Experience Italy’s scenic coastline.

Italian Riviera - Italy

Best coastal roads / 321 km

Travel along one of Italy's most pristine coastlines

Sardinia - Italy

Best coastal roads / 679 km

Discover Sardinia’s pristine beaches and enchanting towns.

Sicily - Italy

Best coastal roads / 962 km

Explore the largest Mediterranean island by car!

Lake Garda - Italy

Best coastal roads / 156 km

Discover every single corner of Italy’s largest lake!

Puglia - Italy

Best coastal roads / 180 km

Discover the hidden gems of Italy’s heel!

High Coast - Sweden

Best coastal roads / 105 km

Explore the Swedish High Coast by car and foot!

Trollstigen The Atlantic Road - Norway

Best coastal roads / 82 km

Drive up Trollstigen Mountain road for the most epic panoramas of the king of Norwegian fjords

Atlantic Highway - United Kingdom

Best coastal roads / 392 km

Set out on a journey on the South West Peninsula

Isle of Wight - United Kingdom

Best coastal roads / 21 km

Follow the splendid coastline on Military Road.

Ring of Kerry - Ireland

Best coastal roads / 174 km

Buckle up and be amazed by Ireland's dramatic coastline.

The Causeway Coastal Route - United Kingdom

Best coastal roads / 195 km

A road trip of a lifetime!

Best Coastal Roads in North America

Cabot Trail - Canada

Best coastal roads / 296 km

Explore the jewel of Canada’s East Coast

Fundy Coastal Drive - Canada

Best coastal roads / 438 km

Discover the natural wonders of New Brunswick

Key West - United States

Best coastal roads / 163 km

Cruise above the sea on the most famous road of Florida

Best Coastal Roads in Asia Pacific

Legendary Pacific Coast - Australia

Best coastal roads / 1115 km

Uncover Australia’s pristine coastline.

Coromandel Peninsula - New Zealand

Best coastal roads / 219 km

Laid-back road tripping on the most popular peninsula of the North Island

Best Coastal Roads in Africa

Chapman's peak - South Africa

Best coastal roads / 25 km

A visit to Cape Town can’t be complete without driving ‘Chappies’

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