What's new in MapShare Reporter?

July - 2019

Enhancement Details

Searching Points of Interest (POIs).

With the new interface, you can search not only for cities, towns, and locales, but also POIs. For example, if you type the restaurant name or the keyword "restaurant", then MSR displays the results on the map.

Note: POIs are visible by default at certain zoom levels.


Reporting options specific to the clicked location.

With the classic interface, you can click a report type and then drop a pin at the location of the error you want to report.

The new interface understands what you want to report. For example, if you click on a road, then MSR displays all relevant options for reporting related to a road. However, if you click on an area or a building, then MSR displays a different set of reporting options.

Remember: The new interface provides you with a dynamic list of reporting tools based on the location that you click on the map.


Updating POI location.

In the new interface, you can easily drag the POI icon to the correct location on the map.


Viewing Traffic and Speed Cameras on the map.

In the classic version, you can only view the traffic/speed camera layers on the map if you select the reporting options relevant to them.

With the new interface, you can view traffic/speed cameras by simply selecting these layers in the layers menu located on the right toolbar pane.


Accessing reports and report status.

Access your reports and check report status by clicking a button in the right toolbar pane. The new MSR interface displays by default the reports you have created over the last 6 months, regardless of the version used to create them.


Accessing MSR using a phone.

The new interface is a mobile-compatible web application that resizes to give the best visual experience for your screen size.


Submitting reports based on feedback type

Classic MSR option Report Type New MSR equivalent option

Missing/Misplaced Address


Add a Street

Missing Street
(option available only when you click a location that is not a road.)

Remove a Street


Change a Street Name
Change a Route Number
Correct a Street Location
Street is Blocked

Traffic Flow

Street is not Blocked
Add a Roundabout

Remove a Roundabout

Report a one-way or two-way street
Left Turn Allowed

Turn Restriction

No Left Turn

Right Turn Allowed

No Right Turn

U-turn Allowed

No U-turn

Add Camera

Speed Camera
(option available only in countries where TomTom provides Speed Camera information.)


Remove Camera

Click the particular camera that you want to remove or update. The camera icon can be one of the following:


Update Camera Information

Add a Point of Interest

Point of Interest

Remove a Point of Interest

Click the particular POI that you want to remove or update. Some of the POI icons are shown below:

Update a Point of Interest

Add a Speed Signboard

Speed Limit

Update Speed Limit