Retrieving the POI set


When you have finished creating your POI set, it should consist of the following files:

my_poi_set.ov2 (required)
my_poi_set.bmp file (optional but recommended)
my_poi_set_x2.bmp file (optional)
my_poi_set.ogg file (optional)
my_poi_set.ver (recommended)

Retrieving a POI set from a device

If you created your POI set on a device, you will need to retrieve those files:

1.Connect your device to TomTom HOME.
2.Select Copy to computer from the main menu.
3.Select your POI set(s) and click Copy items to computer.
4.Open the folder on your computer to which the files have been copied.

Note: You can configure the folder that the files are copied to by clicking Folder Preferences in the Preferences menu in TomTom HOME.

5.Copy your POI set files to a convenient location.

Note: If you wish to retrieve the files from your device manually, without using TomTom HOME, you will find them in the map folder on your device.

Creating a compressed folder

To make your POI set available to others from your web site using TomTom HOME, you first have to put the file(s) in a compressed folder. Create a .zip file containing your POI set files.

Next step: Decide where to host your POI set.