Publishing your content involves making it downloadable from your website by other users via TomTom HOME. Click here for more information about TomTom HOME.

Publishing POIs and Itineraries involves content being uploaded and hosted on a website whereas if you want to send an address or a geo-reference to your users, you don't need to upload anything onto your website.

Once a POI set reaches a TomTom Device, a user can do several things with it:

view POI locations on the map
search for a location in a POI set and navigate there
switch on an alert that will play a sound when the device is in the neighborhood of a location from a certain set
edit a POI set
create a new POI set

Once an itinerary reaches a TomTom Device, a user can do several things with it:

load an itinerary file
navigate the itinerary (what happens is that the device will bring the end user to that start of the scenic route, then starts following it to the end)
edit an itinerary file
create a new itinerary file

When an address or geo-reference is sent to a TomTom device, the user can either show it on a map, add it as a favourite or navigate to that location.

At present, you can publish:

POI sets (requires an XML file for installation)
Itineraries (requires an XML file for installation)


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