Naming your Itinerary


It is very important that you choose a globally unique ID for the name of your itinerary because the name acts as the identifier for the itinerary.

Two itineraries with the same name are considered the same (except for when a set is being updated, see Creating a version file). One method of ensuring uniqueness could be to use your company name pre-pended to the itinerary name eg.  "ANWB_lake_route_in_the_North".

The itinerary name string is used as:

the <itinerary idstr> element in your Itinerary XML file
the filename for your .itn file

Note: If you don't choose a unique itinerary name, your itinerary may be replaced with some other item from another company during the update. If the name is not the same in all places, inconsistent and unpredictable behaviour may occur.

Note: If you change the name for new versions of the itinerary, the names will not match up during updating and the user will end up with BOTH old and new itineraries on their device.