Welcome to the 'Add to TomTom' Services. These services allow web developers, such as yourself, to make full use of the 'Add to TomTom' API to easily create and publish content for your customers to use on their own devices. Content currently consists of POI sets, itineraries (routes), addresses and geo-references.

The 'Add to TomTom' Web API (explained in this guide) lets you embed 'Add to TomTom' buttons on your company’s website.  Your customers then click the button to add your company’s information to their TomTom device via TomTom HOME which executes the command sent in the link. For example, when your customer clicks the button on your website, you could send a list of your company’s restaurants as Points of Interest (POI's) to your customers TomTom Go. Your customer then gets asked if they want to install this new information.

Note: 'Add to TomTom' is a web API; an Internet-based service with an HTTP-based programming interface.



In order to be able to get the most from 'Add to TomTom' Services, you need some knowledge of HTML, XML and access to the web hosting environment for your company website. You may also need to know how to export data from a database and how to use graphical and audio software on your computer (if you want to customise a POI set).

The Workflow

There are two parts to the process of creating content for your users to download:

1. Create content, for example, a POI set or Itinerary.

2. Publish content. Some content, for example Addresses and Geo-References, simply requires the creation of a button on a website. Other content, for example POI sets or Itineraries, requires the creation of an associated XML file as well as a website button.

Next step: Create content for your users.