Hosting POI sets


To publish your POI set via your website you need to create an Add-to-TomTom button. This button contains a special link that will start TomTom HOME and install the POI set on your customer's TomTom Device.

Before creating a button, you need to decide if you are going to host the POI set on your own web site or if you want TomTom to host it for you. Click here if you want TomTom to host your POI set.

If you decide to host the POI set yourself, you need to create an XML file that TomTom HOME needs for the POI set installation.



As shown above, the Add-to-TomTom button sends TomTom HOME an install command and the location of the XML file. TomTom HOME uses the information in the XML file to display information about the POI set as well as to locate the zip file which contains your POI set, in order to install it.

To create an XML file, copy the example provided and edit it to suit your own settings as necessary.

Next step: See a code example for a single POI set XML file or create a website button for downloading your POI set.