Creating a POI set icon


If you transfer the POI set to a TomTom device it will be displayed with a default icon for each location (red box). If you create the POI set on a device you can select one of the built-in icons. Alternatively, you can customise your POI set by creating your own icon by using a graphical program on your computer (like Photoshop, Imagemaker, Paint etc.)

Using a graphical program

1.Use any graphics program on your computer to create or import the image that you would like to use.
2.Resize the image so it is 22 x 22 pixels in size.
3.Save the image as a bitmap file with the same name as your POI category, for example my_poi_set.bmp.
4.Optionally you can also create an additional larger custom icon, which will be visible in, for example, lists of recent destinations.  This icon should be 44 x 44 pixels and named in the same way but with the extension ‘_X2.BMP’ (for example ‘my_poi_set_x2.bmp’).

Note: The larger 44 x 44 icons only work on new versions of TomTom software (from NavCore 7.). In older versions the smaller icon will be enlarged by the device.

Tip: Icons can appear on dark or light area’s on the map so your icon might not stand out clearly everywhere. Therefore it’s wise to add a light line around a dark icon and vice versa. Also, if you use a red background for your icon: RGB: 255, 0, 0; this will turn transparent on the device.

Next step: Create a sound for your POI set or move onto creating a version file.