What is a POI?

Points of Interest (POIs) are simply useful places on a map. Some examples include restaurants, hotels, shops and petrol stations.

What is a TomTom Itinerary?

An Itinerary is a plan for a journey with more stops than just the final destination. An Itinerary is made up of:

• Destinations - locations on a journey where you want to stop.

• Waypoints - locations on a journey which you travel through without stopping.

What is a Geo-Reference?

A geo-reference is a set of latitude and longitude data for a location.

Latitude gives the location of a place on Earth north or south of the equator. Longitude is the east-west (Side to Side) geographic coordinate measurement most commonly used in cartography and global navigation.

Content Types

Points of Interest and Itineraries are the two main content types that you can currently create and publish. You can also publish addresses and geo-references.

A POI acts like a shortcut for your user; once a location has been saved as a POI, your user never has to type the address of that POI again. A POI can have an optional phone number and a mandatory category associated with it. For example, if you run a restaurant chain, ideally you would want customers to download POIs for your restaurants and save them in a category called, for example, "Favourite restaurants". If you included phone numbers in the restaurant POIs, your customers could then call you from their TomTom device to reserve a table.

Users can use an Itinerary for various types of trips such as a driving holiday through a country with lots of stops or a short drive which passes particular Points of Interest, such as your restaurant or shop.

Itineraries save users time because the entire route is programmed into the device in advance.

Next step: Create POI sets or Itineraries for your users.