Creating content
Creating POI sets
By converting a list of locations
Using Third Party Tools
Creating a POI set icon
Creating an alert sound for a POI set
Creating a version file
Naming your POI set
Testing your new POI set
Creating Itineraries
By creating a text file
Using Third Party Tools
Naming your Itinerary
Testing your new Itinerary
Publishing content
Addresses and Geo-References
Publishing addresses
Code examples for address buttons
Publishing geo-references
Code example for geo-reference button
POI sets
Retrieving the POI set
Hosting POI sets
Code example for single POI XML file
Creating a website button for POIs
Code examples for POI website buttons
Retrieving the itinerary
Hosting Itineraries
Code example for itinerary XML file
Creating a website button for itineraries
Code example for itinerary button
Multiple items
Publishing multiple items
Code example for installing multiple items
ISO Language Codes