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ONE/XL/XXL Air vent mount kit

  • One hand docking.
  • Brings your device within reach.
  • Leaves no suction cup marks on your windscreen.
ONE/XL/XXL Air vent mount kit


  • This air vent mount kit is a two-part solution that allows you to mount your device on your air vent.
  • Due to the special device mount it attaches and detaches effortlessly from the vent mount, so you can easily take your device with you from the car.

Isi kotak

  • Air vent mount
  • ONE/XL/XXL adapter plate


ONE 30 Series ONE IQR Edition XL 30 Series
XL IQR Edition XL IQR Edition 2 XL IQR LIVE
XXL 540 XXL 550 XXL IQR Edition / XXL Classic