Piedra del Aguila
  • Chaitén, Chile, South America
  • 10 km

Located in the middle of the Andes, Futaleufú, in Mapuche, means “big river”. A true paradise for extreme sports, this river is considered among the three best rivers for kayaking and rafting in the world. If you want more relaxed activities, you can walk or bike around the paths of the Futaleufu National Reserve, which protects two incredibly important species of the area: the Andean Cypress and the shy huemul, an endemic deer which is also Chile’s national animal. The trail is out of the beaten track and you can get to it by following the riverside from Futaleufu, until you see the starting point made of dirt, beautiful landscapes, Condor(Bird) watching and river to swim when ended.

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Recommended gear

The right gear is essential for this challenging hike. Make sure you have plenty of supplies. And all-weather gear, make sure to pack light since you'll be walking a lot

TomTom Adventurer GPS Multisport Watch

The North Face Hiking Gear (Women)

The North Face Hiking Gear (Men)

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