Queensland - Cairns Tour

The frenzied curves and breath-taking views of Northern Queensland

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Queensland - Cairns Tour
  • Australia - Asia Pacific
  • 134 km
  • 01:59 hr

This very twisty and scenic loop from Cairns takes in the Gillies Highway (Hwy 52 to Atherton) It is a constant climb up the Gillies Range famous for its 263 bends and 800 metres in elevation over 19 kilometres of road, one of Australia’s finest motorcycling roads. The complete is a joining of local favourite routes in a beautiful environment as is so often the case for the best motorcycling roads. The Little Mulgrave National Park is a particularly noteworthy treat.

As you climb the range you will notice the temperature drop, the air become fresher, and you will encounter spectacular lookouts along the way which enable you to take in the view of the valleys deep in the Great Dividing Range.

From Atherton, the road Joins Highway 1 and heads north then east back towards Cairns. There are some lovely naturally scenic sections as you go, ending in another frenzied series of twists before returning to Cairns.


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