Bandit creates action highlights automatically

Action Highlights

Max Speed

This highlight is generated when you hit your highest speeds compared to the rest of your recordings.

Max G-Force

This highlight indicates your peaks in G-Force. Usually caused by high impacts during bike/ski jump landings, wipeouts or hitting big bumps on the track/slope/parkour.

Max Heartrate*

This highlight is generated when your heart rate peaks while using a heart-rate strap. Catch all your heart pumping action!

Max Rotation

Rotation highlights are generated when making rotational movements, often by doing 360+ jumps, sharp twists & turns on your bike, snowboard, skis and sharp head movements when your camera is mounted on your helmet.


The name says it all! This highlight is generated when a steep acceleration is detected, often by launching down that hill, skydiving, or when acceleration in a car and on motorbikes.


This highlight is generated when a steep deceleration is detected, mostly caused when braking on the hill, or to a complete stop.

Vertical Descent

This highlight detects the amount of meters that ascend/descent per second. Usually triggered when skiing/biking on a steep hill, bungee jumping, or other epic altitude changing action!

Manual Highlight

This highlight is manually generated during or after your activity by pressing the highlight button (star), remote control or mobile app.