Personalized Workouts

Ready when you are

Always beat your best

Little wins lead to big fitness improvements. But how do you know what’s really making the difference for you, and when you should take it to the next level? We use your VO2max to put that knowledge on your wrist, making sure that every time you feel the burn, you’re tackling your goals.

Meet your motivator

When it comes to fitness, we’re often our own worst enemy. It can be tough to get up and get going. So we made it easier and more fun by adding real-time coaching to your personalized workouts. Get ready to know when and how hard to push yourself, every time.

Make every minute count

You know what results you want. Whether running or cycling, we make it easy for you to see them. Simply select fat burn, endurance, fitness, speed or power to set a pre-defined workout intensity designed for you to crush your goals.

Get creative and customize

It’s always fun to mix things up. And if you’re a seasoned fitness fanatic, you’ll know exactly where you want to take things to the next level. Jump on TomTom Sports Web to choose the number of sets, intensity, speed, pace, distance and duration of your custom workout.

Personalized Workouts is available as a software update on: