Explore Locally this summer with these Top 5 Routes around the Netherlands

By Lars Wierda, Head of Consumer Trade Marketing + Netherlands

Being a nation full of energetic and active people, we have been patiently waiting for summer to arrive so that we can hit the road and begin traveling again.

With the rising popularity of local travel this season, my team and I have put together some of the most scenic routes from around the Netherlands to inspire you and your travel planning this summer.

1: Dutch polder route

The landscapes that inspired the iconic images of the Netherlands still exist. This RoadTrip takes you through wide open polder country where you can stop into an historical village and UNESCO World Heritage Site, visit a windmill museum, and see a moment in Dutch history suspended in time.

Link to the route.

2: Elfstedentocht

The "Elfstedentocht" is among the most legendary Dutch sporting events. This so-called eleven city tour is organized only when lake, river, and canal ice is think enough to skate on and form a continuous route that connects eleven city’s in the province of Friesland in the Dutch north. This RoadTrip takes you along the world's largest and longest speed skating competition without having to wait for freezing temperatures and the formation of ice thick enough to skate on (since starting in 1909, the event has been held only 15 times).

Nestled in the northern corner of the Netherlands, Friesland is best known for its waters, terrific countryside, and charming traditional villages. The ever-changing panoramas of lakes, pastures, and forests are complemented by the UNESCO-listed Wadden Sea, home to seals and so much incredible wildlife.

Every city on the Elfstedentocht has its own charm and speaks to Friesland’s rich history and culture. Enjoy them all without haste.

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3: Flower route

Roll down your windows and take in the fresh smell of blooming flowers! For 300 years, the fields around Hillegom, Lisse, Sassenheim, and Aalsmeer have been dominated by the incredible colors of thousands of hyacinths, narcissi, daffodils, tulips, and other varieties. By the end of March, the flowers start bursting out of the soil and through April and May, they are in their fullest glory, so do plan your visit around their schedule. This route takes you through the densest concentration of flower fields, the picturesque Dutch countryside, scenic villages, and to the tranquil beaches that border some of the largest flower fields. Rated as Europe’s most beautiful spring garden, do set aside an afternoon for a stop into the Keukenhof, which you can find on this route.

Link to the route.

4: Delta Works route

The dams, sluices, locks, dykes, levees, and storm surge barriers that make up the Delta Works in the southwest corner of the Netherlands are fixtures in the country’s unending battle against the water. Listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the Delta Works is a marvel of water management, engineering, construction, and at the center of this scenic route.

The RoadTrip takes you through heart of the Oosterschelde National Park and to the majestic “Oosterscheldekering” storm surge barrier. Keep an eye out for porpoises swimming past! While you will spend much of the RoadTrip surrounded by water, traveling through the province of Zeeland will also take you through picturesque villages for a glimpse at Dutch rural life and how deeply the country is connected to the sea.

Link to the route.

5: Mid-Netherlands RoadTrip

This is the ideal round trip route for visiting the country’s “hidden gems” and is perfect for day-long or weekend getaways.

To begin, pass by the Oostvaardersplassen, a gorgeous, sprawling nature reserve. Next, drive straight through De Veluwe, another nature area filled with forests and dunes. Follow the route to visit the Hanseatic city of Doesburg, located on the right bank of the river Ijssel.

Continue your way to Nijmegen, a former Roman city, then get back on the road to Waal, Leerdam, and Vianen. Stop off at the beautiful Loosdrechtse Plassen for some water sports or just to admire the stunning views.

End your trip with a jaunt through Naarden Vesting and along the Markermeer dyke.

Link to the route.

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