Explore Locally this summer with these Top 5 routes around Spain

By Laura Pérez Montequi, Marketing Manager Spain

After weeks of eagerly awaiting summer, the season has finally arrived! Now is the time for us to hit the road with our loved ones and explore locally.

To inspire your local travels this summer, my team and I have collected five of the most gorgeous routes from around Spain for you to enjoy.

1:Historic Spain

Castilla y León is a treasure trove of extraordinary landscapes and compelling historic sites. With its six UNESCO World Heritage Sites and over 300 medieval castles, this region abounds with Spanish cultural heritage. This extensive RoadTrip encompasses the highlights of this region, connected by outstanding scenic drives.

In the heart of Spain, tales of chivalry come to life. Here, ancient castles present a vital part of Spain’s rich history of knights and medieval warfare. Burgos, Soria, Segovia, Avila, Salamanca, Zamora, Medina del Campo, and Valladolid all host glittering jewels of historic architecture and world class monuments. On top of that, in these historic towns magnificent culinary treasures, such suckling pig and roasted lamb, are widely available. Back on the road, you will be surprised by the stunning diversity of the landscapes surrounding you. From vast plains, awe-inspiring mountain peaks, and rolling forest hills, this scenery is bound to delight you

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2: Highlights of Andalucía

This RoadTrip takes you through Andalucía’s rich history, visiting a selection of the most striking villages across a diverse array of landscapes. The south of Spain has so much to offer, it is very hard not to become infatuated with the Moorish architecture, flamenco, and the relaxed vibe.

This trip encompasses two of the world’s most well-known religious buildings. The serene Mezquita Cathedral in Cordoba, Europe’s hottest city, and the Alhambra palace in the dazzling city of Granada. Both UNESCO World Heritage Sites display the Arabian history and influences that are still visible throughout Andalucía. Moreover, this scenic drive includes two national parks: the jaw-dropping Cabo de Gata and the iconic Sierra Nevada. Whether it is a hike in the mountains, cooling down in the Mediterranean Sea, eating tapas, driving though seemingly endless olive groves, or exploring the Pueblos Blancos, all of your getaway cravings are satisfied on this RoadTrip!

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3: Basque Circuit

This circuit will take you through the Spanish and French “Pays Basque” across the majestic Pyrenees and along the wild Atlantic coast. Follow the scenic mountain roads across picturesque villages and stunning landscapes.

Explore the renowned Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, spend a day in Pamplona and its compact city center, take in the spectacular views of the Pyrenees massifs, walk along Biarritz’s lovely promenades, and enjoy the delicious seafood in San Sebastián. With its rugged cliffs, crashing ocean waves, forested hills, and expansive plains, this RoadTrip just scratches the surface of northern Spain’s striking beauty.

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4: Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor is sometimes called the meeting point of the winds. The road to it on this peninsula is considered one of the world’s most scenic.

With innumerable hairpin turns and magnificent vantage points, this 140 km route takes you from Andratx in the southwest to a splendid lighthouse on the island’s northern point. The grand finale of this scenic trip is, really, the road snaking up to the lighthouse. While dramatic panoramas of the ocean and neighboring Menorca open up before you, your ascent takes you along high cliff walls until you reach the lighthouse nearly 400 meters above the sapphire sea. Enjoy the spectacular scenery, a thrillingly rare combination of mountains and sea.

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5: Galicia

Nestled in the northwest corner of Spain, Galicia remains rugged, wild, and largely undiscovered by tourists. This RoadTrip combines the mystifying coastal stretch, charming fishing villages, and many alluring sites.

In A Coruña, visit the Torre de Hércules, the Ancient Roman lighthouse, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and stop off point on the way to Galicia’s phenomenal coastline. On this coastal stretch the scenic drive includes stops at three amazing lookout points: Faro de Cabo Ortegal, Vixia Herbeira, and Estaca de Bares. Continue east along the coastline to Praia de Catadrais for a walk along the beach and beneath majestic eroded cliffs. Visit Santiago de Compostela to explore Galicia’s famous cathedral, which lies at the end of the Camino de Santiago, the legendary pilgrim’s path. Immerse yourself in Galicia’s Celtic history at Castro de Baroña and laze at Playa de Carnota, one of Galicia’s best beaches. Just up the road you will find Cascada do Ezaro, the extraordinary river-fed waterfall that flows directly into the ocean. The final stop before heading back to A Coruña is Cape Finisterre, the so-called end of mainland Spain.

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