Explore Locally this summer with these Top 5 Routes around Germany

By Stefan Jocham, Consumer Marketing Manager DACH

Summer is here and we are ready to #GetBacktoGO! Time to hit the road and begin traveling again.

Since staycations are the choice for everyone this summer, my team and I have collected the very best routes from around Germany. We hope that these inspire your local travel this season!

1: German alpine route

The German Alpine Road – like a drive from a movie scene! The route begins in Lindau on the picturesque path from west to east, and leads to Berchtesgaden through Oberstaufen, Füssen, Oberammergau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bad Tölz, Tegernsee, and Chiemsee.

What is fascinating about this route is the varied landscape - the rhythm of lush alpine meadows, gentle hills and steep mountain peaks, green forests, romantic valleys, and sparkling lakes.

The visitor experiences a truly fantastic panorama. Set in the mountain scenery of the Bavarian Alps, rustic farming villages alternate with historic cities.

Combine your driving pleasure with culture, nature, and wellness all while discovering the beauty of Bavaria.

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2: German fairytale route

Immerse yourself in a world of fairytales and legends and let the charm of idyllic German cities and regions work their magic on you.

This 600 km-long German fairytale route takes you from Hanau via Steinau and Marburg to Kassel, hugely important in the lives of the Brothers Grimm. The route also follows the footsteps of Town Musicians of Bremen along the Weser.

Experience Grimm's fairytales (from the world's most famous book of German cultural history) along the way. Here and there, you can expect to be surprised by a gnome king and other legendary figures.

Sleep like Sleeping Beauty in Sababurg Castle in Reinhardswald! Hike with the pied piper! Experience fabulous events and activities.

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3: German wine route

The German wine route is the oldest of its kind in the world. As the name suggests, this RoadTrip is characterized by the region’s history of wine production, however the route is a pleasure to drive for so many other reasons.

This scenic route meanders through the hilly Palatinate Forest, which is part of the UNESCO-designated Palatinate Forest-North Vosges Biosphere Reserve, one of the largest forests in Europe. Apart from the numerous vineyards along the way, you will be surprised by the amount of lemon and kiwi trees that grow in this region.

To fully enjoy the culinary treats and wine tasting we advise you to stretch this scenic RoadTrip over a couple of days. The route is only 83 km but dotted with castles and charming wine villages with cobblestone streets for you do discover.

And please! Do not drink and drive!

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4: The Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is one of the most diverse holiday regions in Germany. It offers a mixture of traditional Hanseatic cities and beautiful beaches. While appealing to both leisure and sporty vacationers, culture lovers will also get their money's worth.

The route starts in the port city of Kiel and follows the Baltic coast to Heringsdorf on Usedom. The 495 km route leads through the charming Hanseatic city of Lübeck, past the most popular beach promenades and the historic city of Stralsund, before ending in Rügen.

Our culinary tip for the trip: fish and fish rolls are specialties on the Baltic coast and should not be missed on this RoadTrip!

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5: Mecklenburg Lake District

The Mecklenburg Lake District is characterized by its stunning natural lakes, which form the largest networked water sports area in Europe. Situated in the middle of Germany's lake district, this is something of an El Dorado for water sports enthusiasts and houseboat drivers.

This 223 km RoadTrip takes you through the heart of the Müritz National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and so many of the highlights from the Mecklenburg Lake District. The route starts in Schwerin and winds through Ludwigslust, Plau am See, Malchow, Waren (Müritz), and Neustrelitz before ending in the resort town of Wesenberg.

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