How we use your data

Table of contents

Table of contents


If your vehicle is configured to connect to TomTom WEBFLEET services, it will collect information for the purposes of the WEBFLEET service while the vehicle is in use in association with other WEBFLEET equipment installed in the vehicle.

The following information is continuously collected: vehicle location, g-force/acceleration data, and engine-related data such as fuel consumption, valve positions, engine speed, and odometer value. What information is collected specifically depends on the WEBFLEET equipment installed in the vehicle.

The owner of the WEBFLEET contract decides what purposes this information is subsequently used for, who will have access to it, and for how long the information is kept. Please refer to the owner of the WEBFLEET contract for any additional information. This will usually be the owner or lessee of the vehicle.

TomTom uses Google Analytics 360 software to collect information about how you use the TomTom software, sites, and applications. The usage information that TomTom collects does not contain location information or information that you have entered or uploaded. TomTom has engaged into a contract with Google that limits your information for use only by TomTom and not by Google for any other purpose, such as advertising.


Your TomTom LINK 100 lets you collect information from your car while you drive. You can receive reports and feedback on your trips and driving behavior. Information for reports and feedback is sent using the TomTom CURFER smartphone app to TomTom using your phone's internet connection. The information is stored in your account for as long as this account exists. If your internet connection is not available, the information is securely stored on your LINK 100 to be uploaded later.

Your information is stored in the EU, governed by European data protection laws. TomTom applies security methods based on industry standards to protect your information against unauthorized access during its storage and transmission.

We promise not to give anyone access to the information that we collect or use it for any other purpose without your permission, or unless we are explicitly ordered to do so by law.

Other drivers of your vehicle

If you share your vehicle with other drivers while the LINK 100 is plugged in, you are responsible for informing these drivers that their driving and vehicle data is being collected from the vehicle and that you can access to vehicle data reports.

Information we collect

Your LINK 100 and TomTom CURFER app will collect:
    • Information that identifies you, your vehicle, your LINK 100, and your smartphone.
    • Information related to your vehicle and how you drive it, such as time of start/stop, idling time, speed and speed distribution, distance driven, braking, cornering, acceleration, battery levels and status, engine load, engine throttle levels.
    • Information for diagnostic purposes such as software versions, device types, power disconnects, error logs.

Your LINK 100 does not collect any location information or information related to a vehicle accident, nor is any of this information shared with TomTom.

Information only available on your Smartphone

The LINK 100 sends additional information to your smartphone while the app is running, such as a detailed real-time flow of parameters read from your vehicle, including speed, engine rpm, engine temperature, engine load, tank fuel level, and more. This information is displayed in the app. This detailed information is not stored on the smartphone nor sent to TomTom servers.

If you agree to allow the app to use location information, this information will be used to record the smartphone position when the vehicle is parked (engine switched off or smartphone moved out of reach of the LINK 100). Only the last position is stored and the location is never shared with TomTom. Your vehicle route and movement are not stored.

Your CURFER account

The first time you use the TomTom CURFER app, you need to create your personal account by providing a username, your email address, and a password. TomTom advises you to keep your account details confidential and use a password you do not use elsewhere.

Your account is used to securely store the data collected by TomTom CURFER on the TomTom servers. We will occasionally send information to your email address related to TomTom CURFER or related products/services, or information on available updates for your product so you can use it in a safe, reliable way, without interruption, or if there is a legal requirement to contact you.

You can delete your CURFER account at any time using the smartphone app.

We will not share your CURFER account details with anyone else unless we are explicitly ordered to do so by law.

When data is uploaded to our servers

The smartphone app automatically uploads the data collected on the LINK 100 to TomTom servers. The app reads all stored data from your LINK 100 and sends it to TomTom servers every time the vehicle’s engine is turned off if you have a mobile data connection. This happens in the background, even if you are not actively using the application. If you want to prevent this from happening, you can disable mobile data usage for the app or use the ‘Logout’ function in the application.

Uses of your location

Even though the LINK 100 itself cannot collect your location, and location information is not shared with TomTom, be aware that when connecting your LINK 100 to the internet using your mobile phone, your mobile phone may run operating system software or other apps, or use communication networks that collect, transmit, or store personal and location information. TomTom has no influence over this. For more details, refer to the information and settings provided by your mobile operator and the vendors of your system and apps.