Manage your activities

      Get the most out of your TomTom GPS watch

      TomTom MySports website*
      Use the TomTom MySports website to manage your activities.

      Review your progress

      Easily review your progress over time thanks to the graphical activity dashboard.

      See your activities on a map

      You can replay your activity on the map and analyze specific route segments.

      Set up training sessions

      Choose past performances to race against as you run.

      Smartphone apps

      TomTom MySports mobile app

      Sync your Sport Watch automatically at any time without connecting to a computer.

      TomTom MySports for iPhone/iPad

      Download on App Store

      TomTom MySports for Android

      Download on Google Play Store

      Compatible sport sites and apps

      Use other platforms to manage your activity

      Automatic upload

      If you are already using one of the following platforms, you can set up your TomTom GPS watch to automatically sync your activities and maintain your mileage history.

      Manual upload

      You can also upload your activity data manually to other platforms supporting the following file formats (.tcx, .kml, .gpx and .fit).