LIVE Services


AT&T's 2G GSM network shutdown and contract with TomTom expires on December 31, 2016! Your device will need to be updated by December 31, 2015 to avoid LIVE services disruption.

Your LIVE GPS device includes a modem that connects to the AT&T 2G network to provide access to all of TomTom’s LIVE services (such as Traffic, Safety Cameras & Weather). If you have 2G devices on AT&T, TomTom will no longer be supporting that network after December 31, 2016. This shutdown impacts several users with GPS devices and your devices may no longer be supported. In order to avoid disruption, action is required before December 31, 2015.

What GPS devices does this impact?
This update impacts users with the following models:

• GO LIVE 2535
• GO LIVE 2435
• GO LIVE 1530
• GO LIVE 1535
• GO 740 LIVE
• XL 340 LIVE

What does this mean for my navigation device?
This means that no later than December 31st, 2016 your TomTom LIVE services will no longer be available, as the network transitions to be shut down. However, to avoid disruption, you must update before the end of 2015.

How long do I have to update my GPS device?
To ensure that you are able to continue to use our LIVE services in 2016 you MUST RENEW NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 31st, 2015. The renewal will ensure that your device will continue to have access to all of the LIVE service through the life of the network. No renewals will be possible after this date.

How do I update my GPS device?
To renew your LIVE services for your GPS device click here and simply search for the model that you want to update.

I need more information or help updating my device.
You can get more information about the update or contact or customer service team by clicking here.

I’d like to upgrade to a new model. What models do you suggest?
We would recommend the TomTom GO 50S, 60S, 500 or 600. These models include lifetime traffic so you’ll never have to renew services again. Click here to purchase or learn more.