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                  Product details

                  Extra-long neck

                  Puts your device within easy reach, even in cars with deep windshields.

                  One-click docking

                  Enables you to dock your device with one hand.

                  In the box

                  Easy Reach Windshield Mount

                  Compatible products

                  GO 40

                  VIA 1605 M RV

                  START 40

                  START 50

                  START 60

                  GO 50

                  GO 60

                  Via LIVE 120

                  Via 110/120/130

                  Via 125/135

                  Via LIVE 125

                  GO LIVE 820

                  GO LIVE 825

                  XL IQR Edition

                  XL 30 Series

                  XL IQR LIVE

                  XXL IQR Edition

                  START 20


                  START 2

                  START 25

                  Start 60 (2012)

                  ONE 30 Series

                  ONE IQR Edition