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TomTom CURFER plugs into your car's OBD port, links to your smartphone and gives you instant feedback on both your driving technique and your car's performance. It can even help you find your way back to your car. Get coaching tips on acceleration, braking, cornering and idling. Earn badges for your skills and share scores with friends. Drive smart while having fun.

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Driving Score Dashboard

Get instant feedback on your driving technique with TomTom CURFER. It scores acceleration, cornering, braking and idling in real time, with colours from red to green showing how you're performing. It even gives you tips on to how to improve your scores.

Advanced Car Data

The CURFER app shows detailed data on your car's battery voltage, oil temperature, engine load and much more. A red line on the left of the screen will warn you if any parameters are not at normal levels. Remember to do a quick check up before driving.

Trip Review

Review each trip on an interactive map to check your acceleration, cornering, idling, braking and much more. Your performance is mapped with colour along the route and markers indicate where you could have been better. Tap them for tips on how to improve.

Driving Style Badges

Have fun earning CURFER badges that showcase your personal style and driving skills. Get a Road Warrior, Easy Rider or Trip Maker badge. Challenge yourself to collect them all! Share your driving achievements with friends via social media.

Car Finder

Forgotten where you parked the car? The CURFER app instantly shows you where it is on a map. It displays your current position too, so you can get back to it easily. Positions are updated automatically, guiding you back every step of the way.

Easy Set-Up

Getting started is simple with an in-app installation guide. Just turn on your engine and follow the easy instructions. Illustrations help you find your car's OBD port to insert the TomTom CURFER, which connects to the app via Bluetooth®.

Share And Compare

Do you like a little friendly competition? The CURFER app lets you share your badges and driving statistics with family and friends. Show off your achievements on social media or share them via email or text message to compare your driving styles.


Size (W x H x D)

48 x 27 x 25 mm


18 Grams

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Size (W x H x D)

48 x 27 x 25 mm


18 Grams