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Travel maps

Make your device the perfect travel companion

If you’re off on your travels, then don’t forget to pack your TomTom device. It could be your perfect companion!

Perhaps you’re planning a driving holiday? Maybe you’ve booked a fly/drive to an exotic destination? Or perhaps you’re about to travel somewhere new for a business trip? Whatever the reason, taking your TomTom device can help you make more of your travels – keeping you relaxed and letting you explore with confidence.

There’s bound to be a TomTom map for your destination. Our map shop has maps covering more than 90 countries and over 30 million kilometres of roads worldwide!

With TomTom, it’s never been easier to make more of your journeys abroad.

Travel maps

Make your device the perfect travel companion

Discover somewhere new

 To buy a TomTom map for your holiday or business travels, just visit the map shop.

  Take me to the map shop

Don’t forget: to download a new map, you need to have the latest version of TomTom HOME. If you do not already have it installed on your computer you can download TomTom HOME by clicking here

* Travel Map is currently not available for GO 2050 and Via series.

Buy a map on SD card

A far greater range of maps are available from the TomTom online map store, but if your web connection is slow – and your device has a memory card slot – you can buy some maps pre-installed on a memory card.

  Visit to find out more and to buy.

Travel maps

Make your device the perfect travel companion

TomTom offers maps for more than 90 destinations worldwide:

Bottom_Banner_Travel Maps 

Ensure that you check the coverage of the actual map you are purchasing to check it includes all the countries you need.

Travel Maps

Make your device the perfect travel companion

Some useful tips before you buy the TomTom Travel Maps

The new map offered in your Travel Maps may need additional memory on your navigation device. For devices with a memory card slot see:

  Which memory card for additional maps

Map downloads require a broadband internet connection. Strict internet security settings may interfere with a download. For more information see:

  Map download advice

To download and install your new map, connect your navigation device to your computer. More tips:

For GO 800, 1000, 2000 series, Start 20 series, VIA series & Sony XNV devices:

  Downloading & installing using MyTomTom

For all other TomTom devices:

  Downloading and installing using HOME

For other frequently asked questions:

  click here

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I’ve been told I need to download a Map Zone. What is this?

Because our maps are getting more detailed and therefore bigger, some new maps may not completely fit on your device. In these cases we have divided these maps into detailed Map Zones which you can download individually as you need them.

Each Map Zone covers a sizeable area and while you can only use one Map Zone on your device at a time, you still have access to the whole map. You can change to another Map Zone at any time using TomTom HOME.
For more information, visit

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