Review the terms and conditions that apply to your orders and use of TomTom products and services bought <strong>before 29 April 2015</strong>.

Limited Warranty

Applicable to products bought before 29 April 2015.

TomTom’s Limited Warranty applies to TomTom hardware products and accompanying items.

To view the Limited Warranty applicable to your hardware product as a PDF file, please select your preferred country and, where applicable, the preferred language from the list below:

End User Licence Agreement (EULA)

Applicable to products bought before 29 April 2015.

The EULA applies to the use of software, pre-installed software on any of our hardware devices and accompanying items, including on CD-ROM, floppy disc, memory card, download package or any other data carriers, and all contents and contents programs.

General Terms and Conditions for Online Sales

Applicable to products purchased before 29 April 2015.

For securing efficient and safe online consumer purchases, each order placed by you for TomTom products (hardware and software) from any of the TomTom websites is governed by certain conditions.

Amongst others, this section gives information on placement of orders, price and payment, delivery process, order cancellation etc.

Terms and Conditions for TomTom Content Services

Applicable to products bought before 29 April 2015.

This document explains your rights to use the following:

• TomTom Content (any information and materials generated by TomTom or its suppliers), and
• The TomTom Button.