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See all your activities in one place

Access all your activities and sports in one intuitive app across your devices.
If you own a TomTom Golfer GPS Watch, please click here to learn more about our dedicated golf app.

Track your progress at-a-glance

See key fitness information and activity history at-a-glance, on the TomTom Sports App dashboard

Dive into the details of your performance

Switch between per-second detail and high level summaries of your performance analysis.

Follow trends and beat your best

Monitor trends on the TomTom Sports App and compete against your Personal Best.

Access your info across devices

See all your progress and activities on your favourite devices, including phones, desktops and tablets. The TomTom Sports app is compatible with a wide range of phones and also accessible via the TomTom Sports Website.

Raise your game with social sharing

Because other people can be the best source of motivation, we've made the TomTom Sports App compatible with your most-visited social channels and other fitness platforms.