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Even when you know how to get to your destination, changing traffic conditions can mess up your day. Choose the best route to take before you get in the car. Set up your personal traffic checker for any delays on your commute and see where traffic is right now. Optionally share your destination with a TomTom sat nav for navigation through traffic.

Let your phone be your personal traffic checker

Want to know about traffic on your commute? Set your home and work locations and get personal traffic reports if there are delays on the way. You can see how long the delay is and which route to take right now.

Set your destination before you get in the car

Need to get going quickly? Use your phone, tablet or PC to choose your destination. Set your destination fast by choosing a contact from your phone. Or a favourite place you've already saved. Then send it straight to your TomTom sat nav for turn-by-turn navigation through traffic en route.

Make your map personal

Want to see your favourite places on the map? Add your home, work and other favourites by just tapping on the map or typing them in. You can edit and remove them anytime. And best of all - they are automatically synced with your TomTom sat nav.

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