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TomTom Innovation might sound like a generalised term for growth and planning but in reality it’s far more complex. Not only does it involve ground-breaking ideas and developments for future cars, roads and sat nav technology but it’s about leveraging what’s already been learned to realise a better future.

The future is approaching fast with self-driving cars already starting to develop. To make the next step to truly autonomous cars that are safe, mapping is key – that’s where TomTom comes in. New Road DNA and High Definition Maps will act like a car’s view of the world. Through years of experience and planning ahead, TomTom already has these systems set to go. But TomTom Innovation isn’t just about what’s coming, it’s here to work for you right now too.


One of the keys to the perfect journey is dealing with traffic. More to the point, for most, it’s about avoiding traffic. TomTom has years of experience, a complex network of live traffic data and advanced algorithms all working to achieve exactly that goal.

TomTom Traffic is so accurate drivers can now even be alerted to tail jams so they don’t need to brake suddenly. More likely they will avoid traffic completely thanks to TomTom’s 14 trillion data points collected over eight years which are used with live information to accurately predict and help avoid traffic.

Even closed roads are no longer an issue as TomTom navigation devices recognise the closure and plan around it to avoid congestion, even when cars are forced into certain roads.

While TomTom might have traffic avoidance down to a fine art right now, it’s always developing and innovating. One day traffic lights and cars will speak intelligently to keep vehicles flowing so there’s no traffic and hopefully not even any stopping - making journeys faster, simpler and safer.

Routing and Maps

There’s routing and maps and then there are TomTom routing and maps, something that pushes the limits of what was previously thought possible. Routing is smarter thanks to real world data collected from drivers all over the planet. That means actual speeds taken into account when estimating an arrival time accurately, rather than simply using speed limits. Ultimately the best route will result in less stress, a faster arrival time and can even save money on fuel.

A multi-layered approach to routing is the best way to accurately judge navigation. TomTom’s maps take into account historical information and add live data to algorithms that find the perfect navigational path for drivers. Constantly changing roads, speed limits and even road names are all taken into account so drivers are never caught out.

The future is exciting with TomTom’s new High Definition Maps and Road DNA which are creating an accurate, detailed picture of the roads, markings and surroundings. These will pave the way for truly autonomous driving cars in the near future. Lane level accuracy from GPS alone is taken to another level by allowing the car to know exactly where it is on the road for safer autonomous navigation.

GO with WiFi

TomTom innovates in many ways but one of the most tangible, that you can actually experience, is with the latest cutting edge sat nav – meet the GO with WiFi. This transcends the barrier between smartphone and sat nav to create a synergy that makes driving safer and simpler in one package.

When sat navs were introduced road safety improved but now smartphones are being used, more accidents are occurring. The GO with WiFi addresses this problem by letting drivers still use their phones while being navigated and remaining focused on the road, all at once.

Features that help achieve this include predictive routing, voice control integration for assistants like Siri, text messages read out by the sat nav and of course intelligent traffic and speed camera alerts.

The GO with WiFi is the best sat nav ever from TomTom thanks to a slimmer design, powerful speaker and magnetic mount that makes removal and placement easy.


The scooter riding revolution is here. Riders of scooters now have a gorgeously designed second screen sat nav of their every own that even matches a bike’s colours. TomTom saw the need for smarter navigation and a more connected ride for scooter users. The dangers of stopping to check a phone for navigation or, even worse, looking while riding needed to be addressed and TomTom stepped up.

VIO was designed from the ground up to create the perfect travel companion. The second screen works with a connected smartphone for up to date navigation including traffic camera alerts and congestion warnings. But thanks to its own GPS the VIO will let your phone save battery and remain safely away in your pocket, even giving alerts and allowing call answering via a headset.

The wireless VIO lasts a full five hours before needing a charge so should keep most commuters going all week before being plugged in. Plus it’s tough meaning come wind, rain or shine there’s no need to worry about the VIO – even if it gets dropped.