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From dramatic mountain roads in the Alps to beautiful flower-lined routes in The Netherlands, Europe has it all. Visit historical sites like the WWII battlefields of Belgium or breathe in the fresh air at the heart of the Nairn Scottish forest.

Road trips in UK & Ireland

Isle of Wight - United Kingdom

Best coastal roads / 21 km

Follow the splendid coastline on Military Road.

Atlantic Highway - United Kingdom

Best coastal roads / 392 km

Set out on a journey on the South West Peninsula

The Causeway Coastal Route - United Kingdom

Best coastal roads / 195 km

A road trip of a lifetime!

Nairn circular - United Kingdom

Best woodland and forest roads / 202 km

Scottish whisky and dramatic nature.

Road to Isles - United Kingdom

Best woodland and forest roads / 69 km

Embark on a little road trip through the magnificent Scottish highlands.

Wild Atlantic Way - Ireland

Most epic roads / 149 km

Take in Ireland’s magnificent coastline

Ring of Kerry - Ireland

Best coastal roads / 174 km

Buckle up and be amazed by Ireland's dramatic coastline.

Road trips in Iberia

Estoril Ocean Drive - Portugal

Best coastal roads / 70 km

Explore Portugal’s diverse landscapes

Surf safari - Portugal

Best coastal roads / 786 km

Ride some of Europe’s best waves in Portugal

Highlights of Andalucia - Spain

Most epic roads / 1148 km

Explore the bedazzling south of Spain.

Galicia - Spain

Best coastal roads / 619 km

Explore Spain’s hidden gem: Galicia

Historic Spain - Spain

Best historical roads / 840 km

Experience the historic heart of Spain

Cap de Formentor - Spain

Best coastal roads / 136 km

Explore the most vertiginous road of the Baleares

Basque Circuit - Spain

Most epic roads / 483 km

Discover Basque country!

Road trips in The Alps

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse - Austria

Best mountain roads / 65 km

Get a glimpse of the majestic Grossglockner driving Austria's most scenic route.

Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse - Austria

Best mountain roads / 25 km

Let this scenic Tyroler mountain pass sweep you off your feet!

Timmelsjoch - Austria

Best mountain roads / 77 km

High Alpine road for the ultimate thrill seekers...!

Nockalm Road - Austria

Best mountain roads / 34 km

Let the wind in your hair on this scenic Austrian road

San Bernardino Pass - Switzerland

Best mountain roads / 33 km

Take in the enchanting Alpine panoramas on the San Bernardino Pass

Furkapass - Switzerland

Best mountain roads / 28 km

Buckle up for the most adventurous road trip of Switzerland

Grimsel pass - Switzerland

Best mountain roads / 50 km

Glacier lakes and ever-changing mountain panoramas!

Road trips in Benelux

Belgian Art Route - Belgium

Best historical roads / 268 km

Immerse yourself in Belgian's exquisite art collection.

WWII Battlefields - Belgium

Best historical roads / 143 km

Retrace the footsteps of WWII soldiers

The Ardennes - Belgium

Best woodland and forest roads / 309 km

Discover the splendid nature in Belgium

Luxembourg - Luxembourg

Best woodland and forest roads / 146 km

Discover the highlights of the Grand Duchy Luxembourg

Flower route - Netherlands

Most epic roads / 60 km

Gear up for Europe’s quintessential scenic drive in springtime.

Delta Works route - Netherlands

Best coastal roads / 390 km

Explore the outstanding water management in the Netherlands

Elfstedentocht - Netherlands

Best historical roads / 216 km

Explore the most legendary Dutch iceskating tour by car

Dutch polder route - Netherlands

Best historical roads / 45 km

Endless views driving through historical surroundings

Road trips in France

Mont Ventoux - France

Best mountain roads / 46 km

Climb one of France most feared mountains

Route Napoleon - France

Best historical roads / 324 km

Retrace Napoleon’s footsteps on this scenic road trip

Route de Thorenc - France

Best mountain roads / 44 km

Drive the Route Theronc like James Bond.

Great Alpine Road - France

Best mountain roads / 675 km

The long and winding road from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea

Route Thermale - France

Best historical roads / 443 km

Embark on a healing roadtrip in the heart of France

French Riviera - France

Best coastal roads / 268 km

Jetset en route!

Historic Normandy - France

Best historical roads / 547 km

Explore Normandy's enchanting beauty and touching history on this intensive road trip.

Corsica Coast Road - France

Best coastal roads / 702 km

Explore the diversity of this unspoilt Mediterranean Island

Routes-des-caps - France

Best coastal roads / 104 km

Discover Normandy’s hidden gem

Verdon Gorge - France

Best mountain roads / 242 km

Ultimate Joie de Vivre in Europe’s Grand Canyon

Road trips in Italy

Lake Como - Italy

Best woodland and forest roads / 164 km

Picture-perfect driving adventure around Lago di Como

Amalfi Coast - Italy

Best coastal roads / 58 km

Experience Italy’s scenic coastline.

The Stelvio Pass - Italy

Best mountain roads / 119 km

Get dizzy from the 46 hairpin bends on Italy’s most legendary mountain pass.

Tuscany - Italy

Most epic roads / 313 km

Embark on a journey through the iconic Tuscan countryside

Italian Riviera - Italy

Best coastal roads / 321 km

Travel along one of Italy's most pristine coastlines

Sardinia - Italy

Best coastal roads / 679 km

Discover Sardinia’s pristine beaches and enchanting towns.

Sicily - Italy

Best coastal roads / 962 km

Explore the largest Mediterranean island by car!

The Great Dolomites Road - Italy

Best mountain roads / 215 km

Discover the mighty Dolomites

Lake Garda - Italy

Best coastal roads / 156 km

Discover every single corner of Italy’s largest lake!

Puglia - Italy

Best coastal roads / 180 km

Discover the hidden gems of Italy’s heel!

Road trips in Germany

Black Forest - Germany

Best woodland and forest roads / 49 km

Explore Germany’s most legendary forest

Romantic Road - Germany

Best historical roads / 324 km

Visit Germany’s most romantic medieval towns.

Hanseatic Route - Germany

Best historical roads / 1513 km

Discover the most beautiful German Hanseatic cities.

German Alpine Road - Germany

Best mountain roads / 515 km

Drive through an Alpine landscape painting in the south of Germany

German Wine Road - Germany

Best historical roads / 83 km

Historic vineyards in Germany’s largest forest…

Rossfeld Panoramastreet - Germany

Best mountain roads / 55 km

Drive through the Sound of Music!

Harz National Park - Germany

Best woodland and forest roads / 292 km

Explore the rugged nature and ancient legends of the Harz National Park

Rügen Island - Germany

Best coastal roads / 186 km

Discover Germany’s hidden treasure in the Baltic Sea

Wannsee - Germany

Best woodland and forest roads / 85 km

Escape from the hustle-and-bustle of Berlin on trip around the Wannsee.

The Rhine Gorge - Germany

Best historical roads / 146 km

Go on a journey of discovery on the legendary Romantic Rhine Route

Road trips in Nordic

Atlantic Ocean Road - Norway

Most epic roads / 37 km

Enjoy this iconic rollercoaster ride in Norway

Trollstigen The Atlantic Road - Norway

Best coastal roads / 82 km

Drive up Trollstigen Mountain road for the most epic panoramas of the king of Norwegian fjords

Lofoten - Norway

Most epic roads / 129 km

Enjoy one of Scandinavia's most epic roads on Lofoten islands.

The Marguerite Road - Denmark

Best historical roads / 691 km

Explore Denmark's finest nature and culture on this adventurous road trip!

Northern Lights Route - Finland

Best woodland and forest roads / 623 km

Aurora borealis on an Arctic Highway?

Cap of the North - Sweden

Most epic roads / 180 km

Explore Europe’s most untamed wilderness

High Coast - Sweden

Best coastal roads / 105 km

Explore the Swedish High Coast by car and foot!

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