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Geospatial for Oracle

Built using the comprehensive and robust content of TomTom’s MultiNet map product, Geospatial for Oracle offers the world’s most accurate map content pre-modeled for use with Oracle Spatial and Oracle’s spatial Fusion Middleware components.

By simply plugging in this content into the Oracle ecosystem, you can fuel Oracle’s built-in geocoding, routing and display technologies residing both within and on top of the database (SQL, XML Rest APIs, Java, Javascript). These 3 functionalities can be offered as a bundle or separately, tailored to your specific needs.

IMG Geocoding

Turn your address records into spatial intelligence

  • Ready-to-use with Oracle Spatial’s Geocoder (SQL, Java, Rest XML)
  • Single input, batch & reverse geocoding
  • Incorporates Address Points add-on product for ultimate rooftop accuracy in select countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland)
IMG Routing

Arrive where you want when you want

  • Ready-to-use with Oracle Spatial’s Routing engine (Java, Rest XML)
  • Single input or batch routing
  • Advanced routing based on historic traffic information
IMG Display

The world on your desktop

  • Ready-to-use with Oracle MapViewer (Javascript, HTML5)
  • 2D City Map building and town block footprints available for hundreds of cities
  • Includes editable themes and styles metadata
  • Or use our TomTom WMS-based LBS solution instead


Maps and Innovation by TomTom



TomTom Maps Worldwide Coverage

Body - Oracle - Coverage


All  MultiNet geography can be obtained, default coverage is Western-Europe, North & Latin America.


Maps and Innovation by TomTom


Oracle Downloads

Thumb Sample Data 

Sample regions: 

• Paris – dataset F20 – 12.077 km² 
• Washington – dataset UDC – 176km² 
• Sao Paulo – dataset BR9 – 7.293km²

Each of these samples also includes all country borders globally and the major road network for W-EU, NAM and SAM (Display only).

TomTom Sample Data:
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Thumb B.MC 

MultiNet is the premier map database for the industry's freshest, richest and most accurate data. MultiNet enables you to incorporate the most reliable mapping data available into your map-based applications.

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With over 1 billion drivers on the road, traffic congestion is a problem felt all over the world. We're contributing to reduce traffic congestion by opening up our unique real time and historical traffic content to governments and enterprises.

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TomTom Info Sheets:

Geospatial for Oracle info sheet:
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Address Points info sheet:
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LBS info sheet:
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Maps and Innovation by TomTom