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While MultiNet covers a significant portion of the globe, several geographies have yet to be incorporated into our top-tier database. So when you require digital mapping data on every corner of the world, turn to ConnectPlus.

ConnectPlus meets your demand for navigable coverage in key geographic regions such as Africa, South America and Asia Pacific. It supports basic mapping, routing and navigation functions. ConnectPlus's cross-border routing links with the MultiNet database to provide seamless coverage of every territory you require.

One day the entire planet will be digitally mapped with the richness and level of detail offered by MultiNet. Until then, ConnectPlus fulfils your need for greater coverage in more regions and in the fastest possible timeframe.

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Cross-border routing



Maps and Innovation by TomTom





Maps and Innovation by TomTom


How we make maps

1. Data collection

Multiple contributory data sources to ensure reliable and accurate collected data that enable us to buid the richest, freshest maps.

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2. Community input

We are revolutionizing the ways digital maps are updated and enhanced - to incorporate real world, real time feedback from the world's largest navigation community to deliver the best, freshest maps.

Our community of Tens of millions of drivers using our navigation devices is anonymously sharing its data trips (probe data), helping us bringing better product in the market.

Thanks to our community feedback we discover and add new roads to our database, realign existing roads to increase the accuracy of our maps.
This new technology leverages on the power of community and ensures that the data we provide to you is the freshest and most accurate available while being presented in one globally consistent manner.

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3. Quality control

Before data can be incorporated into the MultiNet database, it must meet a rigorous standard for accuracy and completeness. Getting data to meet this standard takes time, and TomTom has spent the last 20 years building this market-leading database
We combine massive amounts of local user knowledge, driving behaviour and authoritative content with smart statistical processing and controlled quality processes.

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Maps and Innovation by TomTom