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LBS Platform

Power your apps with the best location-based content & services

Our LBS Platform is a cloud-based environment that allows developers easy access to TomTom’s map content and software services. With this new Location Based Services (LBS) Platform developers are equipped with the content and tools to create location-enabled applications for consumers, enterprises and governments markets.

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Why the TomTom LBS Platform?

The Freshest Maps

  • TomTom coverage updated daily from multiple sources 200+ countries and territories covered
  • Serving 4 billion+ people & 40 million kilometers globally

The most accurate real time traffic

  • Updates received constantly from GPS probe data
  • Reporting vivid picture of traffic conditions as they evolve

Best in class Geocoding and routing

  • Highly accurate geocoding results
  • Coverage over enormous road network
  • Automotive-grade routing

One-stop-shop for the best of location intelligence

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body - LBS Developer Platform Routingbody - LBS Developer Platform Geocoding

The Map Toolkit API offers maps, traffic, routing, and geocoding.

Map Tiles

  • Our map tiles comprise attractive raster street map images pre-rendered at 18 zoom levels ranging from one global tile down to detailed map image tiles that are 305m X 305m in size. Each image is corresponds with a position on an established zoom level grid system used by the WMS-C standard. Routing and Traffic tiles can be layered to create a compound display.

Leverage TomTom Traffic for applications

  • Include traffic incident and delay information for display on your map view
  • Include detailed information such as: Type of delay Length of the delay, Significance, Distance
  • Traffic information is updated every 2 minutes


  • Point to point routing using automotive-grade routing algorithms
  • Route calculation to provide the best route while avoiding traffic, or to plan upcoming journey for a certain time of day


The Geocoding API is for customers interested in only geocoding. Functionality includes both forward single call and batch geocoding.

  • Free text search and reverse Geocoding API. Free text search use our geocoding API to find an address, place or point of interest
  • Use our Reverse Geocoding API to track locations from a pair of coordinates

How Developers use our LBS Platform?

body - lbs route Plannerbody - lbs geocoding
Map tiles and traffic enabled routing provide automotive-grade navigation quality routes. Use LBS to create a companion web app for your mobile navigation solution. 

By combining our geocoding service and 3rd party / proprietary demographic and GIS datasets, you have the business solutions you need.
body - lbs fleet tracking

body - lbs Traffic Viewer

Companies looking for a simple fleet tracking application can combine our reverse geocoding and map tile with
 on-board GPS.
Combining map tiles with traffic incidents and delays you can visually present live traffic as part of your web or mobile application. 

 body - LBS developer Portal


Developer Portal

body - LBS developer Portal

TomTom’s new Developer Portal provides access to the tools needed to build web and mobile apps with the content and services offered through the LBS Platform

  • Reception of an API key for evaluation (upon registration)
  • Clear, interactive documentation available to download
  • Code snippets and SDKs
  • Reporting and analytics to test and manage apps
  • Transaction based pricing
  • Comprehensive support and forum

body - lbs screenshot dev portal

  • Map Toolkit API for easy access to the best digital Maps, Best-In-Class routing, geocoding (forward and reverse) and real-time traffic.
    Cloud-based platform for 24/7 easy access by developers anywhere in the world.
  • Possible integration of 3rd party data sources for the design of applications

3 Easy steps
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