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Administrative Areas

Across many industries, enterprises use digital map data to drive key strategic initiatives and promote operational efficiencies. MultiNet Administrative Areas supports these efforts with highly detailed and accurate boundaries of municipal (i.e. incorporated places) and census defined geographic divisions in the United States and Canada. Centroids are provided for each boundary layer.

Each of the product layers is robust enough to support the most demanding applications. The Municipal Boundaries layer in the United States provides accurate, up-to-date cartographic representations of the municipal boundaries. This layer includes information on changing legal boundaries for users who require access to current municipality definitions. Additionally, the product contains attribution showing when a particular feature has changed from the previous version.

MultiNet Administrative Areas extends the functionality of the MultiNet street map product by providing both point and boundary representations of municipal and census districts down to the most detailed level available. These boundaries follow Tele Atlas streets and other features to ensure optimal representation and overlay.

Accurate and current
Continually updated municipal boundariesProvides access to the most current U.S. Incorporated Places definitions
Ongoing research yields thousands of annexation/de-annexation updatesIncludes changes due to new incorporations, annexations, detachments, mergers, consolidations, dis-incorporations or dissolution of local governmental entities
Complete coverage
100% of U.S. and Canada census geography down to the lowest levelsInventory (point) file included with each layerEnables users to perform business analysis at the most local level of census geography
Allows users to carry out precise GIS analysis without a map
Extensive attribution
Fully featured, integrated datasetSupports excellent point-in-polygon analysis
Facilitates quick identification of geographies in which customers or facilities are located
Integrates with other TomTom products
Linkage to MultiNet street map productSimplifies implementation of applications requiring road network data
Assures node-to-node overlay
Produces fast geocoding at every level
One global specification
Designed to accommodate worldwide municipality and  census contentStreamlines development and speeds compilation

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