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Address Points

Most geocoders estimate locations by interpolating address ranges. Address Points delivers the ultimate in geocoding accuracy by pinpointing discrete, actual street addresses to physical buildings or property parcels. This enables unparalleled geospatial analysis and navigation and offers users a faster, more precise method of locating addresses. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, TomTom incorporates address data from many private and government sources.

Designed to meet the real-world needs of navigation, emergency response, insurance, real estate, and many other applications, Address Points represents the industry's most accurate method for locating addresses. Unlike traditional geocoded information, this product allows an address to be positioned on the map without interpolation.

Highly accurate address positioningSuperior routing
 High quality map display
Data collected from authoritative private & government sourcesMost reliable information resulting in a superior product
Links to MultiNet road elementsProvides unambiguous matching to the MultiNet road network
 Enables cascade geocoding, increasing the likeliness of address matching
Comprehensive attributionSupports a multitude of geospatial analyses
Entry points link to address pointsEnhances routing accuracy by bringing users to the closest location on the street network

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