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Governments conduct many activities supported by GIS functions. From terrorist intelligence to rubbish collection, tax determination to emergency response and precinct election results to presidential campaigns, all require highly accurate mapping. TomTom supports these needs with sophisticated service integration and industry leading production cycles.

Our key business advantages for government include:

  • Greater precision: Benefit from content specifically designed for use in civilian, military and intelligence applications
  • Strong partnerships: Receive the best possible map through public sector partnerships around the world
  • Smarter emergency services: Rely on our highly accurate street network and routing
  • Easy compatibility: Receive globally FGDC-compliant metadata
  • Fast assistance: Reduce response times with geocoded accident and crime reports from law enforcement and transportation departments

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Body - Government

 Problem / NeedsOpportunities
Traffic and infrastructure management in real-timeReal time data as input for active traffic management on all roads in a network to improve infrastructure performanceSave money and improve active traffic management with network wide traffic data based on probes instead of infra based equipment
Traffic and infrastructure analysisCost effective ways to analyze and improve traffic situations as well as to carry out effect studiesCost savings by offering existing data instead of customized; ease of use with comprehensive tooling. Thousands of drive tests ranging years back
Public SafetyThe police, army and other safety related institutions need an instant overview of an area, especially in crisis situationsPrevent crises by providing data for safety assessment and improve crisis resolution with good geographical overview
Disaster response and recoveryPrepare evacuation upfront and adjust with real time data.Best preparation for evacuation, emergency response and disaster recovery


TomTom delivers a comprehensive range of map, route and traffic products to assist every aspect of your business. Highlights include:

Body - Product - MultiNetBody - Product - HD Flow

MultiNet provides the richest, freshest and most accurate global road network database. It integrates turn-by-turn directions, road data including signage and intersections to get your services moving quickly and efficiently.
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TomTom Traffic Flow tells you what is happening right now using TomTom's real time traffic information.
For each road segment it delivers the road's identification, its total travel time and its average speed and quality.
Data is easily integrated into traffic management systems.
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Body - Product - Custom Area AnalysisBody - Product - Enterprise Traffic

Custom Travel Times and Custom Area Analysis, both historical traffic content, reveal the risks travellers face every day.
Specify the route or area you require and analyse it at any hour of the day, and any day of the year.
Understand road usage in extreme weather conditions, when school lets out, and even the impact of holidays.
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TomTom Traffic provides real time congestion information solely for road stretches experiencing delays.
This improves the accuracy of fastest route calculations and ETA forecasts. Accuracy is ensured with data aggregated from multiple sources.
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