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Why buy online

  • # Free shipping for purchases over £ 54.-

    Free Shipping

    All orders are shipped at "standard rate" cost. For United Kingdom that would mean £ 6.95. You will find the costs in your Shopping cart and your order overview, just before you place your order.

  • # Delivery within 2-3 days

    Fast Delivery

    When you order a shippable product (i.e. a Home charger or an extra windscreen mount) your order will be shipped with UPS. By default, we will ship to the same address as your billing address. You can enter a different shipping address in the checkout process.

    For shippable products it is not possible to ship to a different country than the country of your billing address. So make sure you are shopping from the correct country website, the country of your billing address. Download products (i.e. maps, voices, safety cameras) do not require shipping; you will receive download instructions shortly after a successful payment.

    We do our best to deliver your order within 5 business days of order acceptance. Orders are shipped from The Netherlands, delivery time depends on the country you live in. Normally it is around 2-3 working days. When your order is shipped from our warehouse, you will receive an email. In here you will also find a number and a link where you can trace your package through the UPS website.

  • # Easy access to local customer support

    Excellent Customer Support

    If you need purchase advice, don't hesitate to call our purchase advisors on 0845 045 0353 Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:30 UTC.

    For any additional questions you might have on your order, please have a look at our online support.

  • # Support


    If you need purchase advice, don't hesitate to call our purchase advisors on 0845 045 0353.

    Our agents are available:
    Monday - Friday from 9:30am - 6:30pm GMT

  • # Excellent return policy

    Excellent return policy

    TomTom offers you the service to return your products, when you might have second thoughts about your purchase. This return policy only applies to shippable items.

    For the shippable items you bought in the online TomTom shop, we give you the same warranty as you expect when buying them offline.

  • # Safe & easy payment methods:

    Safe and easy payment

    TomTom offers a range of online payment options most commonly used in your country. You can choose from several online and sometimes offline payment methods. The availability of a certain payment method may vary per country.

    In general the online payment methods like credit cards and online bank transfers are the fastest way to pay for your order. These payments are in most cases processed immediately, what means that your order can be finalized the same day. Using an offline payment method can talk longer, even up to several days, before we receive a positive authorisation from your bank. If we do not receive a positive authorisation within 28 days, we unfortunately have to cancel your order. When your transaction is authorised you receive an order acceptance confirmation email from TomTom.

    All transactions are carried out by our payment service provider Adyen Ltd. This name will also appear on your bank- or credit card statement. All of the payments are done via a secure and encrypted connection (SSL). You can check this by the URL on the payment page in your browser (it starts with https://) or double click on the "lock" icon in the lower right corner of your browser.

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