The TomTom logo represents who we are. It consists of our wordmark and TomTom hands.

Our wordmark is bold and balanced. It’s centered and knows its position, while its repetition brings out the rhythm of a moving world.

Our hands are friendly and helpful. Like us. As a global company, our hands around the world create technology that you can trust.

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Our logo only wears three outfits: simple black, full black, or black wordmark with full-color hands.

White hero box

A white hero box is our logo’s sidekick. They go everywhere together, and make each other stronger. Always place our logo on a white hero box.

Hero box size

We calculate this to a T. Literally. Use the height of the T in our wordmark as a unit of measurement to define the minimum amount of vertical space above and below the logo. The horizontal space is defined by our 75% or 50% rule (see below).

Logo size

Start with the hero box. Our logo can be either 75% or 50% of its width. But this can depend on how you’re using it. If you need advice, please ask

Minimum logo size

Our logo prefers to be big, and only shows itself when it’s looking sharp. Make sure it’s never smaller than 35 millimeters or 120 pixels.


Just center it, right? Well, no. Center the second T of our wordmark in the hero box.


Our logo loves being horizontal. Never rotate it vertically. Never rotate it at all, in fact.