Moving into the future

In 1991, we set out to change the world with technology. Today, we have. Tomorrow, we will again. Our eyes are focused on the road ahead, accelerating into the future of mobility. And our brand is refined, refreshed and ready to lead with us in the digital world.

Design principles

One brand

One of our strongest assets is our name: TomTom. It is distinctive through its rhythm, repetition, symmetry, and overall balance. We amplify this throughout our identity.

The TomTom balance

The principle of Yin and Yang is central to Chinese philosophy, describing how everything in the natural world is interconnected, interdependent and carries its own force. Yin and Yang are opposites, yet achieve harmony through perfect balance.

As we bring the world we’re mapping to life, we aim to achieve the perfect balance in all aspects of our identity. The TomTom balance creates openness and approachability, it designates space for all elements to communicate in the best possible way, and it resonates with the rhythm of our name.

Digital first

Non-linear media dominates in our digital world. So we created an identity that is able to avoid repetition and increase recognition, always perceived as fresh and dynamic even when encountered multiple times in one day. Our identity achieves this through strong visual cues that can be applied and consumed in a fragmented way, yet still be recognized as TomTom.

Our tone of voice

What we say matters. But how we say it is everything. People recognize us by the way we speak and it gives a greater sense of who we are – you know, friendly, helpful experts who are shaping the future of mobility.

Before we talk, we always think about who we’re talking to. Then we keep it conversational, punchy and to the point.