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TomTom for Business and Government


Where are the jams and accidents at rush hour? How fast is traffic moving? TomTom has the answers!

TomTom Telematics

Optimise the efficiency of your vehicle fleet and workforce to improve your business’s bottom line.

Location Based Services

Use TomTom digital maps and traffic information for web and mobile applications


Incorporate the most up-to-date digital map in your applications. Coverage extends across the globe.


Find out more about TomTom’s cutting-edge software, maps and services for the automotive industry.

Telematics Services

Innovate your insurance products for greener, safer driving that helps drivers and mitigates risk.


Claim your free Places profile and help people find your business as a TomTom destination.

TomTom Bridge

Where best-in-class navigation and business applications come together.

TomTom Traffic Index

Helping drivers, businesses and governments manage congestion worldwide.