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Easy Editing in Minutes

Editing has never been this easy

What if you could edit 3 hours of raw footage in just minutes?
With the TomTom Bandit mobile app (iOS and Android), it is easier than ever to turn your biggest moves and favourite moments into amazing films in minutes. Editing has never been easier, faster, smoother or more intuitive. You can easily add music, and include stat overlays all from your phone, without downloading any footage first, saving you precious time and device memory. Edit and share your videos in minutes. Not hours.

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Share your adventures in minutes

Capture life's best moments in 4k Ultra HD quality. While you film, motion sensors automatically detect video highlights. With our award-winning Bandit app, you can then edit your adventures into films in just minutes – right on your phone. Without having to download any footage first. You can even just shake your phone to make a jaw-dropping film.
So how does this work? We have equipped TomTom Bandit with motion sensors that automatically identify a highlight when you've made a big move, significantly increased your speed, or pulled a major stunt. These motion sensors enable you to quickly find video highlights in hours of footage and make a film you can be proud in the blink of an eye. They track G-force, Speed, Rotation, Acceleration, Altitude, and more. Use your highlights for easy editing or to show sensor stats in your final video.

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Camera control

With the TomTom Bandit app’s viewfinder, you can use your smartphone screen to see in real-time what you’re about to capture. Even when your camera is not in your hands, it can still be in your command. You can also use the TomTom Bandit app to remotely control your camera. Easily start and stop recording, switch shooting modes right on your phone or manually mark highlights as they happen for easy editing later. Play back your adventures in an instant via the TomTom Bandit app and see exactly what you've just caught on camera. You will know directly if the shot looks how you imagined it would or if your film needs a redo. You can rest easy knowing you will have the footage you want when it gets time to edit.

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Easy editing

Editing and sharing your footage has never been this easy. Editing is all about taking the most memorable moments of your footage and creating your own unique story. We understand the pain points of editing, so TomTom Bandit does this work for you by automatically capturing your highlights. No need to worry about finding the best parts of your film in hours of footage. No need to worry about not having enough space on your phone for all of your adventures. No need to worry about not having the time to make that great video you can be proud of. Truly use your time to make memories, not edit them.

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How fast did you go on that last downhill? Enrich your adventure films with data and big stats. Use motion stat overlays to display data in your final films. Show your fans your exact speed, altitude or G-force, heart rate, GPS, slope gradient – and more. These add-ons emphasize to your film's epic quality and give you even bigger bragging rights when you share your video with your friends. You can also add a soundtrack that reminds you of your great adventures and apply smooth transitions to top it off before you share your film on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Whatsapp.

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IOS (8 and later)

iPhone 4S and later
iPad(3rd gen) and later
iPad Mini and later
iPad Pro

ANDROID (4.4 and later)

Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6, Galaxy S4 Mini, Note 3/Note 4, Tab S, Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition)
HTC One M8, M9, One Mini
LG G2, G3, G4, G Flex2, LG nexus 5, LG Nexus 4
Nexus 5X, Asus Nexus 7, Zenfone2
Sony Xperia Z1, Z3 Compact Tablet


TomTom Bandit: How the camera captures action highlights

Learn how integrated action sensors identify highlights and allow you to show key stats in your final video.

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The TomTom Bandit will automatically create highlights of your action. Learn how to use the manual tag button on either the camera or remote control to tag additional moments of your friends or the landscape.

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Learn to create a slow motion video using the new TomTom Bandit Action Camera.

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The TomTom Bandit 360 pitch mount gives you maximum freedom to mount the camera in any direction and get the perfect horizontal shot. See it in action.

TomTom Bandit: How to use the bike mount

Get the perfect shot of the trail ahead or behind by mounting your TomTom Bandit to multiple parts of your bike frame. See it in action.

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Learn about the different strap configurations and how to pair the remote with your TomTom Bandit.

TomTom Bandit: How to pair the Bandit with your smart phone

Learn how to pair the TomTom Bandit with your smart phone. We designed our award winning Bandit app to let you edit hours of action camera footage into an epic video within minutes. Without having to download any of the footage first! That way you save precious time, and memory on your devices.

TomTom Bandit: How to Insert and remove the Batt-Stick

See how to insert and remove the Batt-Stick. Finally leave all those cables at home! We integrated a USB port for charging and file transfer in the Bandit Action Cam, giving you more freedom to move. We call this the Bandit's Batt-stick®.

TomTom Bandit: How to load & eject SD Card

To record footage on your TomTom Bandit, you will need to have a class 10 microSD card. Once the memory of the microSD card is full, you can quickly reload another microSD card into your Batt-Stick. Learn how to load and eject.