TomTom GO Premium X
The Art of Navigation
TomTom GO Premium X
The Art of Navigation
  • Updates via Wi-Fi®
  • Incl. World Maps and Traffic Updates
  • Traffic & Speed Camera Alerts via built-in SIM
  • Hands-free calling and personalized routes
  • Travel carry case, screen protector, dual charger

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  • Magnetic mount
  • USB cable
  • Travel Carry Case
  • Dual Charger
  • Screen Protector
  • Documentation
TomTom GO Premium X Car GPS Navigation

Going from A to B with your car GPS navigation is about reaching beyond the familiar toward the extraordinary. With TomTom GO Premium car GPS navigation, you get Last Mile Navigation, and shareable location and estimated time of arrival (ETA) functionality. Customizable and shareable routes for your Car GPS navigation open the thrill of discovery to drivers and to TomTom's Road Trips Community worldwide.
TomTom GPS Car Navigation GO Premium
World Map Updates via Built-In Wi-Fi®
Get the latest world maps and software updates for your TomTom GO Premium car GPS navigation via built-in Wi-Fi - no computer needed!
TomTom GPS Car Navigation GO Premium
TomTom Road Trips and MyDrive
The thrill of the journey is yours. Inspire and be inspired. TomTom Road Trips and TomTom MyDrive, help you discover and plan routes and find attractions and scenic areas on your car GPS navigation along the way.
TomTom GPS Car Navigation GO Premium
Share Your Location and ETA*
Trusted arrival times make for happier friends, relatives, and coworkers. Share your location and arrival time safely and without having to use your mobile.
TomTom GPS Car Navigation GO Premium
Compatible with Siri voice recognition software and Google Now™ service
Get full access to your personal assistant with your phone safely tucked away in your bag or pocket saving battery life. Ask for the latest weather forecast, check on your calendar, make calls or search the web for information - all while remaining focused on the road as you drive.
TomTom GPS Car Navigation GO Premium
Speed Camera Alerts
Trusted warnings for fixed and mobile speed cameras. Avoid annoyances with regular updates on fixed, mobile, and average speed cameras, at no extra cost.
TomTom GPS Car Navigation GO Premium
Hands-free Calling and Smartphone Messages
Enjoy the ease of hands-free calling while driving. Hear text messages from your smartphone safely, with your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Say "yes" when your TomTom GO Premium X offers to read them out for you.
TomTom GPS Car Navigation GO Premium
TomTom Traffic
TomTom GO Premium car GPS navigation - end traffic jams. Supremely accurate traffic information enables your TomTom GO to intelligently plan routes around traffic. With its built-in SIM and real-time updates from millions of drivers, this is like having a huge network of friends helping you choose the best route to take.
TomTom GPS Car Navigation GO Premium
Voice Driven
Control your TomTom GO Premium car GPS navigation with the power of your voice. Say "Hello TomTom" to activate voice control and quickly set your next destination, search for an address, ask for an alternative route or adjust volume or brightness settings.
TomTom GPS Car Navigation GO Premium
Last Mile Navigation / Find My Car
Superior guidance by TomTom GO Premium X and by TomTom MyDrive are with you, literally, every step of the journey. On your way back your car's location is saved on your mobile, not weighing on your mind.
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Key Specs
Screen size
Screen resolution
Battery life
Up to 1 hour
Active magnetic mount
Internal memory
16 GB
This is it Exclusive
Go Premium X
  • Updates via Wi-Fi®
  • World Map and Traffic Updates
  • Speed Cameras via built-in SIM
  • Hands-free calling and personalized routes
  • Travel Carry Case, Screen Protector, Dual Charger
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• Siri is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Now is a trademark of Google LLC.
• The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by TomTom is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
• Share location and ETA is only available with Android-based phones.
• Your TomTom device comes with regular software and fixed speed camera updates and seasonal (4 times per year) updates for maps. To download these updates, you need an active internet connection via Wi-Fi® or a computer with access to the internet. Your TomTom device also comes with regular traffic and mobile speed camera services. To receive these services your device needs to be smartphone connected or equipped with a built-in SIM including Data. All of these services and updates will be available for the life of your TomTom device. This means that the device is able to receive software updates, service updates, content and works with current accessories. A device will have reached the end of its life when one of these can no longer be received by the device or is no longer available.
• As our map and navigation software technologies evolve, they may require newer hardware technology to support this. In case the hardware is no longer compatible, updates will not be possible. 
• Services and updates can only be used on the device they have been purchased with and cannot be transferred to another TomTom device.
• TomTom Services via Smartphone: To learn more and check compatibility, please visit:
• Traffic and mobile speed camera services are available through your GPS Navigation's built-in SIM or your smartphone's Bluetooth connection. For as long as the 2G network remains available, or for 5 years following the first time you turned on the device, you can access TomTom traffic and mobile speed cameras through your built-in SIM. Should the 2G network be switched off or your 5-year service connection expire, you will still be able to access TomTom traffic and mobile speed camera services through Bluetooth on your smartphone.
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