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Speed Camera Updates Asia Pacific

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  • Alerts for fixed speed cameras
  • Community of 4.6 million drivers
  • Regular updates via MyDrive Connect / TomTom HOME
  • Extensive coverage in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia

Getting started
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    Buy Speed Camera Updates.
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    Connect your device to your computer.
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    Download the latest location files.


Fixed camera alerts

Receive highly accurate alerts for fixed speed camera locations.

Average speed checks

Ensure your average speed is below the speed limit.

Get involved

Join a community of 5 million drivers sharing speed camera reports.

Keep up-to-date

Receive regular updates via MyDrive Connect / TomTom HOME.

Explore with confidence abroad

Enjoy your travels with speed camera alerts in Australia and New Zealand.**

Speed Camera Coverage

Detailed Coverage


Hong Kong  



New Zealand  



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