Truck GPS

Plan, drive & deliver. Efficiently.

Drive on the right road

Get customized routes for your vehicle type, size, weight, cargo and speed, making your trips more time efficient. Customized truck routing takes the guesswork out of driving, giving you a realistic arrival time.

Feature Highlights

Lifetime Truck Maps

Avoid unnecessary surprises with Truck Map updates at no extra cost for the lifetime of your product.

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Lifetime TomTom Traffic

Get a faster route with Lifetime TomTom Traffic, so you can arrive on time.

Multiple Vehicle Navigation Option

Easily switch your vehicle profile from truck to bus, van or car, for the right navigation whatever you're driving.

Advanced Lane Guidance

Clearly see which lane to take at key junctions or highway exits, so you can avoid missing a turn.

Speak & Go

Control your TomTom Trucker GPS with your voice as you drive.

Click & Go Mount

Dock and undock your device quickly and easily with the unique mount.

  • Customized routes for your vehicle type, size, weight, cargo, and speed
  • Lifetime Maps of USA and Canada
  • Lifetime TomTom Traffic
  • Dedicated truck POIs
  • Updates via Wi-Fi®
  • Truck, bus, van, and car routing
  • Smartphone Messages
  • Stopped traffic alerts
  • MyDrive route planning

Know before you go

Know when to leave by viewing real-time TomTom Traffic information with MyDrive on your computer.

Import Points of Interest to your TomTom Trucker.

Customize your routes by importing Points of Interest from your favorite communities into MyDrive on your computer, so you can access all your content on your TomTom Trucker. Add your preferred stops, making it easy to pre-plan routes your way.

Chargers and Cables

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High-Speed Dual-Charger

$ 24.95

Compact Car Charger

$ 19.95

Traffic Receiver

$ 49.95

Battery Cable

$ 14.99

Mounts & docks

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Adhesive Disks

$ 9.95

EasyPort Mount

$ 29.95

Universal Air Vent Mount

$ 29.95

Click & Go Mount and Charger

$ 39.99

Motorcycle Mount

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Motorcycle Mount Kit

$ 99.99

Universal Dashboard Mount

$ 29.95

Active Magnetic Mount & Charger

$ 49.99


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Protective Case

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Protective Case

$ 19.99

Maps and Services

TomTom Traffic North America

Insanely accurate traffic information.

Safety Cameras

Drive with the latest safety camera locations.


Drive with the latest map.


Add fun to your drive.