Yorkshire Dales

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Yorkshire Dales
  • United Kingdom - Europe
  • 627 km
  • 11:38 hr

The Yorkshire Dales are slumbering in the north of England. John R. R. Tolkien was inspired by the landscape of endless stone walls to create his trilogy "The Lord of the Rings". Hobbits will be hard to find on the edge of the track, but there will be a lot of music, old steam locomotives and a lot of small, winding roads. The north of England is an unknown territory for many motorcyclists from the continent. If you arrive in Newcastle by ferry from Amsterdam, you will usually go directly to Scotland. In the north of England there is a lot for motorcyclists to discover - like the Yorkshire Dales. In 1954 large parts of them were declared a national park, with 1765 square kilometres the second largest nature reserve in England. If you want to explore the twenty or so valleys of the "Dales" with your motorbike, you should take some time for it. Duration: 2 to 3 days


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