Victoria - Bright

Some of the best Mountain riding anywhere in Australia

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Victoria - Bright
  • Australia - Asia Pacific
  • 1276 km
  • 16:25 hr

Simply stunning 2 or 3 day tour of the Alpine and Kosciuszko National Park in Victoria.

An amazing snaking route takes a long trip through a gigantic mix of excellent curves and nature, open sections and nice mountain views. As this route is a complete circuit it can be started from anywhere on the loop, just be sure not to miss the section near Bright which includes B500 (locally known as the Great Alpine Road) widely recognised as one Australia’s top motorcycling roads.

A nice way to do the loop is to start somewhere near Bright then head (north or south) towards Eden (appropriately name given the journey you’ll be travelling. The southern route is shorter and consists of more open faster corners. The northern route is a serious of twisty local favourites joined together designed to keep you smiling and your pulse racing all the way to the sea.


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