Built-in heart rate monitor


By monitoring your heart rate, TomTom Touch fitness trackers calculate your calories burned more accurately, both throughout the day and during sports activities. Tracking your heart rate also allows you to: know how active you are, how much you’re pushing yourself during training and find out your resting heart rate to know how fit you are.

Already own a TomTom Touch fitness tracker? Learn more about how to measure your heart rate.

24/7 heart rate monitoring

TomTom Touch fitness trackers measure your heart rate throughout the day and night. Find out how active you are during the day and how much you’re pushing yourself, both during your workouts and in your daily life.

Resting heart rate

Resting heart rate is the number of times your heart beats in a minute when you are at complete rest and not sleeping. It is a great indication of how fit you are: the lower your resting heart rate, the better the shape you are in.

Find out your resting heart rate in the TomTom Sports App. Track your resting heart rate over time to see your progress.

Training with heart rate

Track your heart rate in real time while you’re working out to understand how much you’re pushing yourself. Whatever your goal, you’ll know when to push yourself or ease up.

Heart rate zones

To train more efficiently, use the 5 heart rate zones, which indicate training intensity. Heart rate zones are based on your age, maximum heart rate and are pre-calculated in the TomTom Sports App.

After training, track and analyse in which zones you’ve been working out to find out how much you’ve been pushing yourself.