Fitness Age

Unleash a younger you

Make your exercise count

Exercise doesn’t offer the instant rewards we want it to. You have to keep pushing before seeing results. We made this grey area crystal clear. By earning everyday Fitness Points, you can see which activities have the biggest impact on your fitness level and refine your routine for maximum results.

Watch yourself get fitter

Fitness is personal, we know. That’s why our daily Fitness Points are fine-tuned to show your personal progress. Want to simply stay fit? Aim for 100 points a day. Looking to make big improvements fast? Aim for 500. And earn star rewards as you shave down your Fitness Age.

How do we know your fitness age?

In short, science. And oxygen. The maximum amount of oxygen your body can use for exercise at a given time is a key indicator of your cardio fitness. This is known as your VO2max. The higher it is, the better you can perform. We use it to calculate your Fitness Age and offer personalised workouts and rewards. <FNT>The TomTom Fitness Age product feature uses advanced heart rate analytics provided by Firstbeat. The information provided by TomTom Fitness Age is an estimation of your fitness level and does not constitute medical advice, nor is it meant to cure, treat or prevent a disease. We advise you to consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program. <a href="" class="link-dark-bold">Learn more</a>.</FNT>

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