Welcome to Priority Driving

Priority driving sounds like a benefit reserved only for the privileged, but anyone can gain its unique advantages through TomTom. Imagine a road that works for you, one where traffic is never an issue and regular commutes can be fun and stimulating. That's what priority driving is all about.
TomTom has combined its years of experience with advanced technological breakthroughs to offer driving that's both efficient and peaceful. So how does it work?
Using the latest TomTom GO GPS it's possible to remain real-time updated, smartphone connected and in control, all while still safely concentrating on the road. And, of course, you'll get where you need to be right on time.

Traffic Avoidance

Traffic avoidance has gone from a smart feature to become integral in proper route guidance. Thanks to TomTom Services offering the latest traffic, maps and speed cameras for free, all journeys become perfectly tailored to the driver. It's like you're in your own priority lane all the way to your destination. Now with Wi-Fi updates it also means staying in real-time is easy too.

While you can be routed around traffic, if you were to hit something otherwise unforeseen you're covered too. TomTom's tail jam warning system will alert you so that braking quickly is safer and simpler. Thanks to a network with millions of other TomTom drivers you're always alerted to the ever changing state of the road outside the comfort of your car.

Route Prediction

The TomTom GO will intelligently predict navigation based on your routine so all you need to do is get in the car and drive. That means even if there is traffic on a commute you'll be routed around it so you don't have to wait - plus you get to explore new routes.

Exploring need not be worrying as even average speed camera zones are measured with TomTom. That means you'll know how fast you can go right to the end of the zone - no more guessing.

Smartphone Connected

Using your smartphone can enhance the experience further. Thanks to the MyDrive app a route can be planned from the couch at home and when in the car the GPS will be ready to navigate. But driving need not mean stopping that smartphone connectivity, in fact it's enhanced.

Receive calls and have messages read out thanks to voice controls and super clear hands-free, all via a low-power Bluetooth connection. So your phone can stay in your pocket saving battery while you still have access to all the services you need when getting from A to B or even to C.


Start 52 / 62

  • Maps (Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia)
  • 3 Months Speed Cameras

VIA 52

  • Maps (Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia)
  • 3 Months Speed Cameras
  • TomTom Traffic via Smartphone
  • Hands-free calling
  • MyDrive Cloud App

GO Basic

  • Updates via Wi-Fi®
  • TomTom Road Trips & MyDrive
  • Map Updates (Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia)
  • TomTom Traffic
  • Smartphone Messages 
  • 3 months Speed Cameras

GO 520 / 620

  • Maps World
  • Speed Cameras
  • TomTom Traffic via Smartphone
  • Hands-free calling
  • MyDrive Cloud App
  • Updates via Wi-Fi
  • Smartphone messages
  • Compatible with Siri and Google Now™
  • Active magnetic mount